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Eagles Gathering - (TBA)
This department provides organized fellowship, recreational sports, crisis counseling and basic fundamental successful Christian living guidelines for the male members of the church. Men’s conferences, fellowships and seminars will be sponsored by this department.

Ladies of Destiny-Women’s Fellowship- (TBA)
This department provides organized fellowship, activities, crisis counseling, and basic fundamental successful Christian living guidelines for the female members of the church.

Marriage Ministry (TBA)
Provides information and support to assist with maintaining the God kind of marriage.

Singles Ministry (TBA)
Teaches singles how to live a victorious and fulfilling life through Jesus Christ.  Through bible studies and fellowships, singles learn to live a life that is pleasing to Christ. They learn how to be complete in Him while unmarried, so that they will remain complete in Him when married.  This is not a matchmaking ministry, but an opportunity to glorify God and serve Him in spirit, soul, and body.

M.I.T.- Millionaires In Training Children’s Ministry
Provides Christian education, holiday activities, a structured environment, safe surroundings, and special events for the children of member and visitors.
Look for more information regarding Youth Business Camp.

E.F.C.-Entrepreneurs for Christ Business Network
Established to assist members to become entrepreneurs and promote their businesses. Destiny Center Business Network (DCBN) is founded on godly principles of integrity, and the pursuit of a high standard of excellence. DCBN provides an annual directory for members who have access to telephone numbers, addresses and pertinent information concerning goods and services provided by these businesses.  Classes will be taught on business research and development, startup, and operation.

Bookstore & Tape Ministry 
The bookstore is located in the Destiny Center with ministry materials and products for your spiritual growth and edification. The bookstore carries books and music created by Dr. Ben & Dr. Jewel Tankard and a variety of other authors.  Handles the duplication and sale of tapes after each service. Edit tape series; fulfill mail orders and special requests. Available to assists at tape outreach functions. Bibles and study guides are also available.

Dome Maintenance Ministry 
Maintains the inside of the church building, as well as the surrounding grounds to insure a safe, clean, and pleasant atmosphere in which to worship.

Pastor’s Personal Aides -PPA- 
Men and women anointed and appointed by God to personally assist Drs. Ben & Jewel in fulfilling the vision God has given him. These PPAs operate in the ministry of Helps area.

Guest & Member Services
This department provides assistance, service and aid to the Pastors, Leaders, members and guests at the highest level of excellence, courtesy and patience. Will also coordinate meals, decorations, lodging accommodations and logistical functions for Destiny Center events.

Divine Health Ministry
Share the word of God concerning healing with all hospitalized members and their immediate families.  In addition, make hospital visits to the healed by faith and agree with them in prayer.

Destiny Center Partner Network 
Maintains contact with all members of the Destiny Center on a regular basis. Due to the large congregation, it is understandable that some members may feel lost in the crowd.  The interaction department makes personal telephone calls to inquire about member’s need for prayer, to encourage them in their walk with God, and to find out if all is well. Through this contact, the church can determine whether a member or their family have specific needs that must be met.

Music & Performing Arts Ministry 
The music ministry is responsible for providing all musical selections during services and special events. Its purpose is to prepare the atmosphere for teaching of the Word of God. Includes the instruments of Praise, Mass Choir, Teen Ministry Choir, and Special Music Groups.  The Performing Arts Ministry illustrates the Word of God through dance, drama, and other fine arts. Gives special performances during holiday and other festive celebrations.

New Members’& Visitors’ Ministry 
Assist new members by providing information about church policies and procedures. Organizes new member’s classes. A reception is held after every graduation ceremony in order to give information to new members about the various ministries in which they can become spiritually employed.

Watch Team Security 
Ensures the steady flow of traffic entering and exiting grounds, as well as the safety of vehicles during the services. Directs the flow of traffic in and out of the sanctuary and organizes proper seating.

Usher Department
Greets members and visitors to Destiny Center. Directs the flow of traffic in and out of the sanctuary and organizes proper seating.

Intercessory Prayer Team
This team is the backbone of the ministry. They pray and birth through the vision of the house and success of every ministry and member.

Multimedia Ministry
To ensure quality amplification of sound and audio and video taping through the proper assembly of media devices.

Ben Tankard Ministries
Ben Tankard Ministries is designed for the sole purpose of providing outlets for Dr. Ben and Dr. Jewel Tankard to teach the Word of God with simplicity through an evangelistic ministry. BTM Department Includes: Marketing & P.R., Media, Partnership, Finance concerts, conventions, and crusades, order fulfillment, and administration.

Marketing & Public Relations (MPR)
The Destiny Center’s Marketing and Public Relations Department plans, coordinates, executes and publicizes all Destiny Center annually approved calendar and community events as well as assist in Departmental events per request.


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