Ben Tankard Ministries (BTM)

Ben Tankard Ministries - Ben Tankard Ministries (BTM) is designed for the sole purpose of providing an evangelistic outlet for Dr. Ben and Dr. Jewel Tankard to teach the Word of God. BTM is the world-wide arm of ministry that ministers to believers all across the world through concerts, ministry products, social media, broadcasts, conferences, and interviews.





Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory Prayer
- The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to have continual, effectual, fervent prayer and intercession for our Senior Pastor and Family, the church body, communities, cities, states, countries and the entire world. This ministry conducts weekly prayer meetings; organizes fasting and prayer for the Prayer Ministry anStaff intercessors need to be people with tremendous spiritual maturity who honor confidentiality and discretion. Intersessors must also, know that you have been called by God to intercessory prayer; disciplined in fasting and prayer in daily lives outside of the Prayer Ministry’s called fasts or prayer; must be able to demonstrate a spirit of unity and commitment to the prayer team and leaders of the church.d the church body. The Prayer Ministry team activities include unyielding involvement in various prayer and fasting efforts.





Center for Kingdom Business

Center for Kingdom Business - Are you hungry for answers to your questions about God? Are you hungry for a closer relationship with God? Do you want to know your purpose? Center for Kingdom Business' Bible School of Ministry will provide your answers. It is a 10 month course with a wide range of topics. The course is also designed to be interactive and includes in-class group activities. Throughout the course, you will gain a deeper understanding of God and His covenants (agreements) with man. However, you also gain a deeper understanding of who you are and who God has called you to be



We are so excited that you are interested in the Kingdom Business Institute. We are confident that KBI can provide the instruction you need to excel in your field. We desire to empower people to be their best by providing them with spiritual and natural principles to assist them in business and the workplace. Accordingly, there are four main pillars that we will achieve through the Kingdom Business Institute and they are as follows:
1. To teach stewardship principles for working individuals and entrepreneurs and develop kingdom businesses that expand the Kingdom of God through their business efforts and financial resources.
2. To teach both entrepreneurs and working individuals, at all levels, how to bring glory to God through entrepreneurial endeavors and work.
3. To teach people how to work as unto the Lord, displaying Godly character and integrity.

4. To instill a kingdom mindset that fosters both natural and God given talent and personal growth and achievement in areas of business through the KBI.



The KBI offers training through a systematic series of courses designed to teach the participants how to apply and live the Word of God at work. The courses teach Christians how to increase and rule and reign in their field. They will also be taught how to be profitable, successful and satisfied at work for the Kingdom of God.





Eagles Ministry

Eagles Ministry - Our mission is to develop strong friendships and accountability among the men of Destiny Center Church through regular gatherings and group interaction, and ultimately build the character of Jesus Christ into every man who involves himself with the Men’s Fellowship. Held monthly, this department is designed to encourage men of God to take their rightful place as the sons of God on the earth. Dr. Ben and his team of Eagles equips, mentors, and encourages men from all walks of life with the Word of God to see their visions and dreams that God has deposited on the inside of them become a reality!




Ladies of Destiny

Ladies of Destiny -The ladies of Destiny desire to grow in the WORD of God in order to become leaders and mentors who disciple others; to be an army of prayer warriors and intercessors; to put our faith into action, to give of our talents, time and treasure for Kingdom purposes; to be accountable to one another through small group women’s communities of worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship; to strengthen our families by assuming our biblical role in the home; and to be God’s loving hands in the world. Dr. Jewel and her team of Ladies aim to stir up, set on fire; to illuminate God’s POWER within lives - not the power that the world craves, but a divine enablement that transforms each and every life; to become a flaming army of more-than-conquering, women of God.

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